"If a day goes by without my doing something

related to photography, it's as though

I've neglected something essential to my

existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up."

- Richard Avedon

After working on a business degree, I opened my own restaurant by the age of 23, building it from the ground up and making it successful. I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity involved in creating ambiance and a feast for the senses.

Several years later, after selling my restaurant, I decided to devote myself to becoming an artist. Being infatuated with the creative possibilities of computers, I combined my love of photography with the creativity of digital art. I designed a website showcasing my artwork, sold limited edition prints in galleries, got published in art magazines, and even had some of my work used for published book covers and CD music albums.

Moving down to the Bay Area with my husband-to-be, I decided that learning how to paint would improve my digital art. I did indeed improve my ability to “see” by learning classical Flemish oil painting, but I realized that most of my paintings were portraits and that I loved capturing the spirit of my subjects.

I began to enjoy using my camera again and taught myself the principles of portrait photography but broke some of the rules along the way to create my own style and vision. Utilizing all of this artistic experience, I have developed a photographic style that allows me to empathize with my subjects, understand each individual’s deeper beauty, and capture that with my camera.

Whether the need is for a personal portrait that is distinguished and polished, headshot, website portrait, maternity photos, or for the family album to preserve family history, I enjoy working with my clients to achieve results that bring out their highest and best selves.

Aimea Saul